Our Team

Todd Arutunian- President ext. 108


Victor Chavez- Buyer ext. 121

Tony Fernandez- Buyer ext. 122

Bill Eskridge – Buyer ext. 123

Carlos Espinosa- Buyer ext. 124

Accounts Receivables and Payables

Mark DeSello- Office Manager/Accounts Receivable ext. 131

Rosio Torres- Accounts Payable/Cashier ext. 132


Sales and Customer Service

Mike Rosenberg- Director of Sales and Customer Service ext. 105

Jesus Lopez- Accounts Manager ext. 115

Olivia Ramos- Customer Service Supervisor ext. 114

Betty Del Rio – Cust. Serv. Supervisor/Transportation  ext. 102 

Eric Anderson – Director of Business Development ext 110

Operations & Production

Otto Rose – Director of Operations ext. 141

Cuco Arguelles – Production and Quality Manager ext. 145 

Patricia Perez – Food Safety Supervisor ext. 146