Our Customers and Reach

Astro is a regional redistributor that services a variety of specialty food distributors, restaurants and food manufacturers looking for a convenient consolidation point and access to a wide range of frozen, refrigerated and dry products. With our focus on less than truckload (LTL) quantities, we help manufacturers support produce, meat, seafood and other distributors of all sizes including jobbers who value Astro as a virtual warehouse and service minded team.

With our focus on less than truckload (LTL) quantities, we help manufacturers service and support independent specialty distributors of all sizes.

We are conveniently located near LA’s Central Produce Market which is a hub to many food service distributors based in Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas and beyond. We offer weekly delivery service to San Diego and the San Francisco bay area and deliver to all of the preferred Hawaiian freight forwarders.

Beyond the broad Liners

Astro’s network of distributors is your easiest and quickest route to market. It’s easy for brands to get lost in the shuffle of broad line distribution. It certainly doesn’t help that broad liners are actively reducing their sales forces and rationalizing their product offerings via category management. Higher order minimums also make it difficult for broad liners to reach independent operators who account for over $30 billion of the food service market. This segment is too big to overlook and also holds the greatest margin potential.

Operators are increasingly recognizing the value provided through specialty distribution as an alternative to broad line distribution. Manufacturers need a balanced distribution model that includes specialty distribution channels to ensure broad customer access. Astro and its network of distributors can be your critical supply chain partners that will push everyone towards supply chain excellence and growth!

Lower your cost to serve

Astro understands the attention needed for successful growth. We can identify and align with relevant distributors within our network and leverage these existing collaborative working relationships. Let Astro take the lead and service the distributors your direct reps and brokers may not have time to call on. Not to mention, Astro has 30+ years of market insight that can remove the administrative burden and risk associated with selling to smaller distributors.

What can Astro do for YOU?

  • Coordinate distributor sales presentations
  • Access to the decision makers
  • Gain performance visibility
  • Sample, point of sale & spec sheet fulfilment
  • Efficiently sell to hundreds of distributors
  • Lower your cost to serve

Become an Astro Supplier Partner

Connect to our network of over 800 distributors, restaurants and food processors.

Astro foods is always looking for new opportunities to expand our product offerings.

To inquire about becoming an Astro supplier, please complete the New Supplier Partner form and we will contact you for a phone interview to evaluate the fit.

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